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Pristine forest of Hawaii
Thoroughly inspected for perfection
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Mele Sound - Hawaiian Koa-wood Speaker System


We produce high-quality audio speakers from precious Hawaiian koa wood. Koa wood we use is milled only from decayed wood from the forest of Hawaii or recycled material. We revitalize the material by instilling “mana” (spirit) in the name of “Mele” (sound). Koa woods nourish the soil, captures rainwater, feeds and shelters native species.


The dense molecular of koa wood produce deep yet crisp tones sound just like a ukulele. It resonates all kinds of music very fine - especially orchestra, string, and vocal music. This high-fidelity audio equipment brings high-end music experience for the audiophile who has fine taste, cares for nature & wellness. The luxurious hardwood speakers match with your fine furniture as well.


The speaker units are finely designed to create overtone which represents the purity of sound. We have spent so many years on designing and tuning of the speakers to find the best chemistry. The two-way speaker units are carefully selected from the best brands in Europe and the crossover network is designed to drive the speakers efficiently.


All Mele Sound speakers are handcrafted in Hawaii with Aloha from Hawaii grown koa wood. Please inquire us for an order. (3-4 months production lead time)

Current models

- Manoa Mid-size 2-way Speaker

H 43cm x D 29cm x W 20cm (H 17' x D 11.5' x  W 8')  

5" Woofer, 1-1/8" Dome Tweeter

Max output 100w, Impedance 8 ohm

Price: $ASK

- Ala Moana Portable Bluetooth speaker

H 9cm x D 9cm x W23cm

Woofer, dual tweeter, max output 30w, 20 hr battery life

Price: ASK

For more information: Web Inquiry

Honolulu, Hawaii 96825, USA

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